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Last Updated:
24 November 2016

Scanning of Slides, Negatives and Prints

This service has a two-fold purpose: it allows digital copies of your precious originals to be stored safely; and it allows the creation of a slideshow presentation of your chosen images, simply by inserting the CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc into a suitable player and letting it run.  No more selecting which photos from which photo album you want to show, nor putting together a set of slides in order to show your holiday or other memories (not forgetting setting up the projector, screen, etc., etc..)

The final format in which we output the scanned originals is entirely at the client's choice:

Our standard turn-around time for this service will depend upon the number of original prints, slides etc. which are required.  The minimum (assuming only a very small number of originals) will be one week.

Prices are here