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Last Updated:
24 November 2016

This is a NEW Service,

designed for clients who need to produce an interactive CD ROM or DVD ROM.  These discs, designed to play in the optical drive of ANY computer (but NOT a standard CD or DVD player) can contain any combination of text, graphics, audio and video material.

Because they “autoplay” once inserted into a suitable computer drive, the user is then guided in navigating, finding and viewing/playing the specific desired item(s) by on-screen menus.

As an example of such a disc, we have recently produced an Interactive DVD ROM containing text, audio and video files, designed to assist members of a panel setting the standards in a Public Examination, to comparatively judge the standard of candidates’ work from year to year.

Because the requirements for a specific Interactive disc are almost certainly unique to that disc it is impossible to give any guidance here about how long it will take to complete a project, nor what the likely cost will be!  Thus, every project will be subject to extensive discussions between EmmRecs Media and the client and to a personalised quotation.