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Last Updated:
24 November 2016

CD/DVD/Blu-ray and disc Repair

All modern optical and hard discs offer a very robust method of storage of digital data.

BUT, they are not indestructible!  Accidents happen (surface is scratched or otherwise damaged) and the disc becomes unplayable or, for rewritable storage (e.g. a USB pen drive) the file system becomes corrupted and hence unreadable.

Unless you have actually broken the disc (i.e. it is, literally, in several pieces) it may be possible to retrieve the data on that disc and transfer at least some of it to a new, blank disc.  Using highly-specialised software we can attempt this for you.  100% success is, regrettably rare but we have been able to “repair” at least some of the data on:

In both these cases the repair was successful and the owner of the pen drive was able to view all her photos and videos again, whilst the wedding CD had 100% of the audio and approximately 80% of the video made playable.

Our standard turn-around time for discs sent to us for the No Obligation Trial Service (details in our Price List) is approximately one week.