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Last Updated:
24 November 2016

High Definition Video Recording and Editing

We use a minimum of two HD cameras and at least one separate audio recording to create a high quality record of an event like a wedding.  We then edit together all these constituent parts to create a finished DVD or Blu-ray disc that is a unique record of the event.

By using at least two cameras, positioned to give at least two very different views of “what is happening” we can avoid many of the problems seen on the finished disc of such an event which has been recorded using only one camera (a “fixed” angle of view; almost inevitable discontinuity caused by the single-camera operator needing to move to a different place in order to properly cover the next part of the proceedings).  Also, the ability to “mix” and select the best audio source for each “scene” - each camera generates its own audio recording, in addition to at least one separate, audio-only recording (often used for “ambience”) - means that the risk that a crucial part of the sound is “missing” from the final output is highly unlikely.

Once the event is over, our use of professional video editing and audio editing softwares mean that you will receive a disc that is that “unique record”.