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Last Updated:
24 November 2016

Video to DVD/Blu-ray transfer

Because “domestic” video tape players are becoming increasingly rare, many people are finding themselves unable to view recordings of important events from their life;  events like their wedding, the christening of a child, their passing-out parade after basic training in the RAF, Army or Navy, an important birthday party,  a holiday, a record of your family life, perhaps filmed over several years, etc., etc..

Whatever the event and whatever the format of the existing recording (but see below) we can transcribe that recording to computer and then burn it to DVD or even Blu-ray disc.

We undertake all the work from initial copy/transfer from the tape to final destination format, for one inclusive price; this includes any “basic” editing required and the insertion of suitable Chapter Points (needed by your DVD/Blu-ray player in order to locate specific sections of your disc).

 You will receive your disc in a personalised library case with a unique label on the disc itself.

For anyone wanting to know a little more about the exact procedure we follow we have a pdf file which you can download here.

Our standard turn-around time for this type of work is between 2 and 4 days for each tape.

Tape formats that we can handle.

Because there have been over the years several different formats in which video tapes could have been produced it is necessary for us to list here the formats which we CAN handle.  If the format of your tape is NOT listed below regrettably it is unlikely we will be able to help you.  Also, please note, we cannot transfer any cine-film to disc.

Formats we can handle:

VHS, VHS-C (VHS Compact), Hi-8, Digital 8, 8mm tape and DV (Digital Video).