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Last Updated:
31 December 2016

Price List

Details of all our prices, our Terms and Conditions and some service-specific information is available to download as a pdf file here.

In addition, links to the appropriate section of the list is provided from each of the individual pages which describe one of our services.

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions, here.

CD Recording prices are here.

Vinyl and Cassette to CD prices are here.

Slide/Photo/Negative Scanning prices are here.

CD/DVD Duplication prices are here.

HD Video Recording and Editing prices are here.

CD/DVD/BD Disc (File) Restoration prices are here.

Video to DVD/BD Transfer prices are here.

Interactive CD ROM and DVD ROM projects will be tailor-made and priced to suit your requirements.  You will need to contact us to discuss your project.

If you are interested in making use of our High Definition Video Recording Service please click here to download and print a Booking Form.

If you are interested in making a booking for our CD Recording Service please click here to download and print a Booking Form.

This service is for those clients wishing to make an original audio recording with us. If you are looking for prices for CD/DVD duplication please see here.

CDs (minimum 50, maximum 300)
Up to 74 minute CD in Jewel Case with colour printing (on plain white label) or unprinted (on plain silver disc) and all studio, mastering and duplicating time.

50 - 99 CDs:   £6.20 per unit

100 - 199 CDs:  £5.10 per unit

200 - 300 CDs:  £4.10 per unit

For greater quantities please ask for a special quotation.

Full colour Inlay Booklet and Rear Tray Inlay printing is available but is not included in the above prices. If required it will be charged at cost.  Clients wishing to undertake their own printing should be aware that Trademark and Copyright legislation require the automatic inclusion of certain words and logos on the inlays. Full details from our office.

Non-returnable booking deposit: £50.

If you are interested in making a booking for our CD Recording Service please click here to download and print a Booking Form.


(Recordings made at venues OTHER THAN OUR STUDIO)

Minimum of 50 CD copies: charges as above (CD  RECORDING) plus travelling expenses of 45p per mile measured from our office. Any accommodation required by us charged at cost.

Supply of master CD only: charge of £180 per day (this includes 2 hours of studio time per charged day for editing and mastering) plus travelling expenses and accommodation charges as above. Any additional studio time will be charged at £25 PER HOUR.

Non-returnable booking deposit: £50


33 rpm, 45 rpm, single, “EP” or “LP”: £12 per finished CD (maximum 79 minutes playing time)                    

78 rpm: £15 per finished CD (maximum 79 minutes playing time)


Up to C90 cassette requiring NO editing: £12 per CD (maximum playing time 79 minutes)

Up to C90 cassette requiring some editing: £18 per CD (maximum playing time 79 minutes)

35p per Slide/Print/Negative scanned ( up to 600dpi resolution.)  Higher Resolution subject to special quotation.
Data DVD: £6.00    Slide Show DVD £21.00
BD (Blu-ray): add 25% to above prices


(using a High-Speed Disc Copier)

Prices for this service presume you will supply a fully-edited master CD or DVD. Finished product is supplied in library case with simple on-disc and inlay booklet printing.

Any editing or mastering work you require us to do will be charged at £20 per hour.

If specific on-disc printing is required all art work must be supplied with the master disc.

1 - 5 CDs OR 1 - 10 DVDs: £3.10 per unit

6 - 20 CDs OR 11 - 50 DVDs: £2.40 per unit

21 - 50 CDs OR 51 - 100 DVDs: £1.60 per unit


On-disc printing (any quantity): 75p per unit

All quantities in excess of those given: please ask for special quotation.



The nature of this service means that you will need to ask for a personalised quotation for the specific requirements you have. The price will depend upon the number of cameras/operators required and the total length of the event which you want filmed. As a very rough guide you should expect to pay a minimum of £100 - £150 per hour of your event; e.g. For a 2-camera recording of a wedding, including attending any rehearsal, being present at the venue  one hour before the ceremony, recording the ceremony and the “photo-session” afterwards together with the departure of the bride and groom, editing and mastering the recordings in order to manufacture the master DVD, you should expect to be charged at least £750. Additional DVDs can be manufactured (at our normal DVD  copying price) or you may freely copy the master yourself.

There will also be a charge for travel for journeys in excess of 20 miles, each way from our office, of 45p per mile per vehicle.
Non-Returnable Booking Deposit: £150

If you are interested in making use of our High Definition Video Recording Service please click here to download and print a Booking Form.


The nature of this service means that it is impossible to give a price before we have seen the affected disc(s).  Because of this we offer a No Obligation “testing” service; you send us the disc(s) you would like us to check with a view to full restoration.  We will carry out a detailed check and report to you what we have found, together with a quotation for carrying out the full restoration.

If you decide that the work is too costly or our checks reveal there is little chance of recovering much, if any, of the damaged files, you will owe us nothing further, other than return delivery costs.

If you decide that full restoration should be carried out, for each disc that is to be restored the amount paid for the initial checking will be credited to your final invoice.

The charge for the initial check and report is £12 plus VAT per disc.

For all transfer/transcription services the finished product is supplied in a standard CD or DVD library case with simple on-disc and inlay booklet printing at the given price.


Price for this will vary depending upon the length of the supplied video tape and whether any “remedial” work is needed in order to present at least a reasonable copy of the original.

For transfer of a max 1.5 hour tape to single-layer DVD: £21

For transfer of a 2 hour plus tape to dual-layer DVD: £37

Any necessary editing of computer video files: £15 per hour or part thereof

Standard DVDs have a maximum playing time of approximately 1.5 hours; programmes of up to approximately 2.75 hours can be transcribed to Dual-Layer discs.

BD (Blu-ray) discs: add 25% to above prices.

These are only examples; please contact us with specific details of your requirements to receive a personal quotation.


Please read carefully.

 1. You must own the copyright to any audio and/or video tape or CD you wish to have copied. You automatically accept any liability for failure to observe this condition and agree to fully absolve EmmRecs Media from any liability in this matter. We reserve the right to refuse to copy material whose copyright ownership is doubtful.

 2.  You should aim to supply the best quality original which is available; we cannot reasonably or easily “improve” a poor quality original. If  you wish us to attempt any “repair” or “improvement” this will be charged extra.

 3. Where you wish to create an original recording using our facilities of  material to which you, as the author, own the copyright, we can formally register your copyright with the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society, MCPS. We do not charge for this but you should note that copyright will then be held on your behalf  by EmmRecs Media.

 4. Acceptance of Bookings. When you wish to make use of any of our services you will confirm this in writing. (For certain services a special booking form will be sent to you or  can be downloaded from our web site). Once we have received this form at our office with any   applicable booking deposit we will confirm our acceptance or otherwise in writing,  at which point a contract will exist between us.

      5.  Payment Terms (i) Except where stated on the price details for the particular service, no booking deposit is required. Where a booking deposit is required and we accept the        booking please note this deposit is non-returnable since the service in question will involve expense for us as soon as the booking is accepted. If, for any reason, we are unable to        accept the booking, the deposit will be returned immediately.

(ii)  All EmmRecs Media invoices are payable within 14 days of the invoice date. Failure to observe this will incur a credit surcharge of 2.5% which will be imposed immediately, with an additional 2.5% monthly thereafter.



1. Any damage occurring to any equipment whilst it is in use by clients at our premises or elsewhere will be charged at the cost of repair or renewal at our discretion.

2. It is our policy to continuously improve our service and facilities. We therefore reserve the right to alter, delete or change any  details in this  leaflet  without notice.

3. All prices and charges detailed in this price list are subject to revision without notice, save that prices pertaining to any of our  services will be fixed as  from the  date on which we confirm in writing our acceptance of your booking.

Repeat orders will be charged at the price pertaining at the date your written order for additional copies is received.