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Last Updated:
24 November 2016

Each of the services we offer is briefly introduced below.  For further details please follow the link(s) for the service(s) you wish to know more about.

Video tape to DVD/Blu-ray.  It is increasingly difficult to find (new/working) video players.  As a result, many people are now finding they can no longer view recordings made of memorable and important events in their life, e.g. a wedding or military passing-out parade.  We can help!  More details here.

Cassette tape/vinyl disc to CD.  Although vinyl disc players (aka record players) can still be purchased, unlike cassette-tape players, as with video tapes, many people have records and tapes they can no longer listen to.  Again, we can help!  More details here.

We can also copy for you original CDs, DVDs or BDs. Perhaps you need copies for family members or friends?  Or perhaps the disc is beginning to wear out.  Again, we can help! More details here.

High Definition multi-camera recording of important family events like a wedding, christening etc., are an invaluable way of always keeping the memories alive.  More details here.

High Quality Stereo Recording for transfer to CD.  More details here.

Unfortunately, CDs, DVDs, USB Pen Drives, even BD (Blu-ray) discs can be damaged so they become unplayable and their precious content  becomes lost forever.  We can help!  More details here.

Scanning of prints, slides or negatives in order to preserve them and make them viewable on a television etc., from a DVD or Blu-ray disc.  More details here.

Production of Interactive CD ROM or DVD ROM.  This NEW service  is  designed for clients who need to produce CD ROMs or DVD ROMS, containing any combination of audio, video and text files, intended to allow the user to Navigate to different parts of the disc in order to select the specific item(s) needed.  One-off or multiple copies can be manufactured.  More details here.

This page shows examples of the “finished article” as produced for a number of recent clients.