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Last Updated:
31 December 2016

This page will, of necessity, be somewhat technical and “geeky”, but for those of you who want to know what we use in order to do what we do, here goes...

CD Recording and Mastering

Initial recording is done to a high-specification PC or, for recordings made at locations other than our studio, a high-specification laptop, running both Adobe Audition ® and Reaper ® multitrack recording software.  For both programs, the number of “tracks” which can be recorded is virtually unlimited.  All audio inputs to the computer are via a MOTU 8-Pre ® firewire interface.

Our range of microphones includes models by Shure, Audio-Technica  and Milab.

We also have an extensive MIDI set-up, including Yamaha keyboards, EMU PROteus 1 and 2 ® sound modules; together with a range of VSTi instruments including Jamstix 3 ®, a fully-featured  drum module with excellent sounds and programming, but also offering an intelligent “Jam” mode, EMU PROteus VX VSTi, MAGIX Independence VSTi and TruePianos®, a highly versatile VSTi piano with a wide range of excellent sounds.

Mixing and Mastering (the final preparation of each track on the CD) will always be done using Adobe Audition ® since we find this offers the best quality.  Additional mastering tools available include iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced ®.

DVD/BD Recording and Mastering

All of the technology listed above for CD Recording is also available for DVD Recording.  In addition, for video editing and DVD authoring we use MAGIX Video Pro X ®.  

CD and DVD Copying

We assume for this work that the supplied CD or DVD is already mastered and ready for duplication. Should additional work be necessary this will be charged.

For small quantities of CDs or DVDs we will carry out this work in-house, using a CD/DVD duplicator capable of duplicating 7 copies at each pass (using Pioneer ® drives).  

On-disc and inlay booklet printing can also be undertaken.  Art work to be supplied by client.

For larger quantities we will use a specialist duplicating company.

Video to DVD/BD Transfer

The output from a high quality stereo VHS player is fed to a Canopus ACEDVio ® PCI card interface, which converts the analogue audio and video to a digital stream which is stored on PC.  For DV tapes a Canon MV920 camera and for 8mm, Hi-8 and Digital 8 tapes a Sony DCR-TRV725E camera, serve as the direct Firewire-linked interface to the PC.  We then use MAGIX Video Pro X ® to edit, master and author the DVD/BD, from which copies can be made (see section above on CD and DVD copying).  For soundtrack restoration we use MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab ® or iZotope RX5 Advanced ®.  A downloadable Information Sheet is available here.

High Definition Video Recording

We use, as a minimum, 2 Canon ® HG10  video cameras which record in HD format, widescreen (16:9) to an internal Hard Drive.  The files are transferred to PC and then edited as for Video to DVD/BD Transfer (above).

(Vinyl) Disc to CD Transfer

A high quality record deck (turntable) feeds its audio output via a RIAA Phono Pre-amp and audio mixer to a PC with a MOTU 8Pre Firewire interface.  The resulting digital audio is then “edited” using Adobe Audition ® software.

For 78 rpm discs a dedicated ION Contour LP ® deck is used.

Audio Cassette to CD Transfer

A AIWA AD-F770  cassette deck, or similar, feeds its signal via an audio mixer to PC (as detailed in “Disc to CD Transfer” above).

For both Disc and Cassette transfer to CD, if the quality of the original audio is not good, we have recently upgraded to iZotope RX5 Advanced ® audio restoration software, specifically to assist with improving the overall quality.  Any agreed use of this will incur additional costs.

Disc Rescue

This requires specialist software, IsoBuster, and lots of time!

Photo/Slide/Negative Scanning to DVD/Blu-ray

We scan the original images using an Epson ® Perfection V550 Photo scanner.  Following experimentation at different resolutions we have settled on 300 or 600 dpi for slides that are to be put onto either a Data DVD or Slideshow DVD; for Blu-ray output the resolution will be 1200 dpi.  Higher Resolution scans are possible; please ask for details.  Prints and negatives will be scanned at 300 dpi or whatever resolution best meets the quality:file size ratio.  (The higher the resolution of the scan, the larger the resulting file size and the fewer that can be burned to each disc.)

Interactive CD and DVD ROMs

We use Ashampoo ® Burning Studio 18 to produce the actual discs.